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Daphne Bayfront Park Engagement Session, Daphne, Alabama – Amber + Will

Amber and Will got married on Sunday and here are a few shots of them at Daphne Bay Front Park. Jaime was their photographer for their mini engagement session and the light was showing off a as usual. 😍 The sun was totally shining through Amber’s hair which is always an added bonus. You never know what the weather will be like in Alabama, but when the sun is shining at golden hour, it is picture time.

Their son came along to the engagement session, and seriously how sweet for him to be included in these pictures! I know one day they will look back and treasure this time that he was young and their family started this new journey together.

Amber and Will were able to go down to the bay and get some pictures near the water right in time for that beautiful sunset. I’m obsessed with photos that are taken at sunset because that sunlight, carving its way around the trees and over the water, tells a different story every time. Each day is unique, bringing a new experience to us and finishing off with a beautiful canvas that could only be painted by God himself.

What a great day to be alive and surrounded by such beauty. Not only do we get to witness it everyday, we get to enjoy it and on occasion, we have the opportunity to memorize beautiful days like this with a simple picture. That picture can bring back memories like this very day, a week before Amber and Will’s wedding. Emotions are high, those feelings of love are deeply rooted in the heart of the bride and groom, and in just days, minutes, hours, those vows will be spoken and it will all be finished. But the pictures they create will last forever, and the sun will rise to shine another beautiful day.




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