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Mobile, Alabama Springhill Engagement Session – Lizzie + Matt

Lizzie and Matt met me at Springhill College in Mobile for their engagement session and it was the perfect Spring day! This mild weather has been so amazing and the older I get, the more I love it. The brightness of the green grass and trees added such a bright element to this session and the pictures turned out beautifully.

Lizzie and Matt told me they were a little camera shy at the beginning and I mean-who isn’t? I don’t always like my picture being taken because it doesn’t necessarily feel natural during the first part of the session. But as the hour progresses, my couples always warm up and get more comfortable in front of the camera. Lizzie and Matt ended up being total pros. I mean just look at these! 😍

I enjoyed getting to explore Springhill College a little more and shooting at some new areas. These light pink Azalea bushes are seriously my favorite. I know I’ve been mentioning them quite a bit, but seriously-how beautiful are these?! They enhance every photo naturally and I always shoot at them as long as they are in bloom.

Lizzie and Matt are both nurses so I’m so happy they were able to make time in their busy schedules to commemorate their relationship with an engagement session. It helps me get to know them so much better before their big day, and as I always say, it helps give the bride and groom a little practice run for their wedding pictures. I love that they made time for these because their pictures turned out perfect!

Sometimes the biggest rewards come from moments when we least expect them to. Moments that might be uncomfortable in the beginning. These moments are when growth usually happens in my own life. Pictures are just a simple example, but in reality, most of my personal growth has come from a moment in time when I decided to branch out and do something I might not know how to do or feel comfortable doing. I’m always glad I branch out, take the plunge, and go for it and I’m equally as happy that Lizzie and Matt chose to do the same! I hope these pictures hang on their wall for years to come. ❤️




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