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Mobile, Alabama Family Photography – The Salazar Family

It’s the perfect season for a Family Photography Session at Springhill College. The Salazar Family took advantage of the great weather and booked a session with Brianna. They are celebrating their son Benjamin’s first birthday and can I just say-Oh my, what a CUTIE!

Even though I do more weddings than anything else, I love that we can still offer Family Photography so I can get in my baby fix without having any more. 😜We are happy with our family of 3 girls, but this little little guy is seriously the cutest thing!

I love that they brought balloons along to their session. It added a fun element of surprise for Benjamin and gave him something to do with his hands for the pictures. Highly recommend!

I love the pictures between Benjamin and his mom. The love between he and his parents is so evident and I’m so glad we were able to document this first birthday of his.

We should always celebrate life. It is a beautiful gift given to us by God, and it goes by so quickly. Every moment is so special. I’ve always loved each stage that my kids went through, and now that the baby stage is completely over, it gives me such a thankful perspective on life and how short it really is.

The Salazar Family might look back on these photos with more kids in their future or a little Benjamin that’s not so little anymore. I’m so glad we were able to give them these precious moments in time.

Happy Birthday, sweet Benjamin!




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