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Engagement Pictures in Fairhope, Alabama ~ Colleen + Billy

Every engagement and wedding photographer in the world hopes to have clients as happy and joyful as Colleen and Billy. They seriously had the sweetest, most happy expression on their faces throughout this entire engagement session in Fairhope Alabama. It makes me so excited for their upcoming wedding in June.

Colleen and Billy will be having their ceremony at Grace Lutheran with a Bragg-Mitchell Mansion reception to follow. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with all things summer, so I love June weddings. It’s every little girl’s dream to get married on a bright, sunny day so hopefully, this engagement session weather carries over to their wedding day.

The Grand Hotel in Fairhope, Alabama is so dreamy in the Spring. Azalea’s are a favorite here in the South so we take advantage of them while they are in bloom. I love that the floral landscape matched Colleen’s dress. .

Isn’t love infectious? When you’re in love, the whole world should be able to see the smile on your face. When you see that person you were always supposed to meet, fall in love with, and ultimately marry, a smile like Colleen and Billy’s is inevitable.

Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but when you’re with your soulmate, you can find joy in every situation, good or bad. Joy isn’t just happiness or a feeling. It’s a state of being, a choice. It’s a manifestation of every decision we make- from waking up with a smile to lending a helping hand to a stranger and even being present for your spouse or kids on rough days or even rough years. Joy is not just a character trait, it’s a presence you carry and a gift you give to the world around you.

I loved being Colleen and Billy’s Fairhope, Alabama Engagement Photographer. If you want to see more of our recent engagement sessions, click here.




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