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Auburn, Alabama Wedding Photographer ~ The Legacy ~ Becky + Calvin

Auburn, Alabama Wedding Photographer - Lavender Wedding

Becky and Calvin’s wedding took place at The Legacy in Auburn, Alabama. It’s not often we get to shoot weddings in Auburn, so when we do, I’m 100% onboard. Brianna shot this wedding and we couldn’t have planned for a better day with gorgeous photos of course!

I love that Spring in Alabama starts to show its colors a little early, and it helps that the bride’s color choices were so stunning. The lavender bridesmaid dresses were such a beautiful choice. I even find myself dreaming of what my daughter’s wedding will look like, and I just know she would pick this lavender color. Purple is her favorite color!!

Speaking of dresses, Becky’s beautiful lace detail is to die for, and I can tell by the look on his face that Calvin loved it just as much. And her shoes!!! Every girl loves a good pair of heels. Becky got to cross shoes and something blue off of her to-do list at the same time. These shoes are, by far,- in my top favorites EVER. Did I mention that they had a barn wedding? Like seriously, this white barn is giving me all of the farmhouse, Southern vibes and I’m totally here for it. Auburn, you did not disappoint. 😍

I love that Becky and Calvin were so committed to giving us tons of pictures. It just shows that they were so down to earth and easy to work with the entire day! Your wedding day should be a day you can look back on every single memory-so the more pictures, the better. My favorite memory of the day was seeing the cross next to the arbor where they committed themselves to each other while placing Jesus at the center of their marriage. I can’t think of a better way to start your life together than to put Him first. 🙌🏼

There is something about a first look. For some it’s not traditional. But, I love that it gives the bride and groom that intimate, uninterrupted, one-on-one time before the ceremony takes place. This is another reason they were able to get so many shots. When doing a first look, it gives us more time for photos, and we aren’t as rushed.

Becky was also able to do a first look with her dad which is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. There’s something so special about that father-daughter bond and it just brings out all of the happy tears.

True love is easy to spot. Whether it is love at first sight, or love that takes time to grow, it can’t be mistaken. That’s what I see when I look at these pictures. Pure, genuine love.

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