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10 Things I wish I knew before starting my business

  1. Success doesn’t happen overnight. I could talk about this one thing for hours, but there is no such thing as microwave success. Not in real life. I believe the key to success is consistency. If you do anything for 7 years consistently, you will be successful. I’m not saying it will take 7 years to reach success, but it does take time. For some, it takes longer than others. Be patient. Don’t compare your first year of business to someone else’s 6th year of business.
  2. If you want to get on the fast track, educate yourself and surround yourself with successful people. Be an expert on marketing, SEO, and all the business things. Read books. Attend business seminars. Learn from those of you that are ahead of you in business. Surround yourself with successful people. Pay for education, mentoring, and masterminds. And then put what you have learned into action! Don’t just let in go in one ear and out the other. Apply what you have learned.
  3. You don’t have to have all of the latest and greatest things to be successful. Don’t fall in the trap that if you just had this one thing ______ (fill in the blank!) For me right now, it is the newest Canon R5 camera.😅 I’m a gadget and tech girl. I can easily think because I don’t have something, it will limit what I can do. That’s a lie. There are some things that you need for your business, yes! But you don’t have to have it all, especially when you are just beginning. 
  4. Being legal isn’t an option. If you are going to operate a business, please do so legally. Take the time to create contracts, set up sales tax, business licenses, and then goodness gracious… please pay your income taxes! 
  5. There is so much freedom in working for yourself, but there is also a lot of work that goes into it. People see the rainbows and unicorns. They don’t see the three nights you pulled an all-nighter just to be able to complete a project by a deadline. Sometimes you are the only person that can do something in your business. Sometimes you have to bring work with you on vacation, stay up after the kids go to bed, etc. I’m an advocate for creating a team to help you with your business, so that is not a reality the majority of the time, but when you are first starting out and you don’t have a team, that very well can be your reality.
  6. There are no limits to what you can do. There is no cap on the income that you can bring in when you are working for yourself. If you put the work in, you will see growth. A lot of people want to reap the reward without planting the seeds. I love working for myself because I set my own income goals, and it is up to me to reach those. 
  7. It’s never too early to implement systems. Create workflows, procedures, and a schedule to help you even in the early days. Your systems will grow, but it’s much easier to grow with them, then to create systems from scratch once you are already established.
  8. Don’t waste your money on paid marketing. There is so much free marketing with social media that I would completely exhaust those forms of marketing before you spend money on paid advertising.
  9. Perfection doesn’t exist. Don’t compare yourself with others who are in business with you. Work on bettering yourself. You will never reach perfection…Stop aiming for perfection, and work towards being better than you were yesterday. 
  10. Your craft will only be about 20% of your business. I’m a photographer. People think it must be nice to take pictures all day. It is, but truth be told, running my business is a LOT more than just taking pictures. It is client communication, team management, accounting, invoicing, editing, web design, content creation, paying taxes, marketing, and so much more. If you don’t like doing the business side of things, don’t go into business. Just keep your craft your hobby. Yes, you can eventually outsource all of the things you don’t enjoy, but you will still be managing those tasks. 

If you are going to go into business, I hope you will find this a help! If you are already in business, comment below something that you wish you knew before you began! 👇🏼




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