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Victoria & Austin (Engagement Session)

Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0001 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0002 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0003 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0004 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0005 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0006 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0007 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0008 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0009 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0010 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0011 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0012 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0013 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0014 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0015 Gorgeous-Sunrise-Engagement-Photography-Session-Mobile-Alabama-Jennie-Tewell_0016




  1. Samantha Davis says:

    Best engagement photos I’ve ever seen! Absolutely love these!

  2. Josh Roszkowski says:

    Look at GQ.

  3. Mary Lou Roszkowski says:

    So beautiful!!

  4. Joe Roszkowski says:

    Looking good

  5. Ruth Schambeau says:

    These are stunning!

  6. Debbie Lindsay says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Ashton says:

    Love love love these!!!

  8. Brian Lindsay says:

    Good looking kids!

  9. Taylor Lindsay says:


  10. Jane T says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! The people, the setting, everything! I cannot wait to watch you guys celebrate your future together. Xoxo

  11. Tessa says:

    Yes, she feels comfortable with lying. In the interview with Anthony Anderson, he asked her about the name Freelee and if that was her real name. She said that, indeed, it was her real name. LOL.  The sad thing is, there are people that lose 40lbs on other raw diets within 2-4 mosp.nh&nbst;

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