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The Dunam Family

In 2019 I really focussed on blogging my weddings. My fall season, I blogged every single wedding, and that was huge for me because over the last couple of years I have become pretty inconsistent at blogging. While I love blogging, it takes a lot of time. It has nothing to do with me not wanting to showcase the images. I LOVE every client that I get to work with and want to showcase their images to the world, but before I had my team established, it was just something that I wasn’t capable to do because of the time it took. Now that I have a team, and I have outsourced some of my work, I want to get back to blogging every session. Even the non-wedding sessions. So get ready to see a lot of blog posts coming your way.

Starting with the Dunam family. I photographed Kelly and Josh’s wedding a little over 5 years ago. I can’t believe it has been that long. I have loved seeing them over the years and taking their photos again. Getting to see past clients is one of my favorite things about this job. I love meeting their families and getting to document their milestones.

We did pictures a few weeks ago, and halfway throughout the session, it began to rain. It has rained a lot this winter so I’ve had to work around the rain a good bit plus rescheduling a good bit of sessions. We had to end the session a little early so we made up the rest of their session a few days ago, and had much better weather. I shared images on the blog post from both days.

Kelly and Josh, I loved every minute of working with you again. Your family is precious! ❤️




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