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Taylar + Dennis – Wedding at Kirk House Gardens

As Taylar walked down the aisle towards Dennis, the tears began to flow, rolling down his cheeks so quickly that they left a moist line on his cheek. It was one of the most emotional and sweetest moments I’ve ever witnessed during a processional at a wedding. Taylar was glowing, as she made her way down the aisle, her eyes locked on where Dennis was standing. I felt that if we all left, they wouldn’t even notice because they were only seeing each other. It was such a beautiful moment to witness.


Taylar is one of three brides I’ve worked with this year who is a recent graduate from the nursing school at South Alabama. The fact that she is in the healthcare field does not surprise me at all because Taylar is such a nurturing person. Her sweet personality is instantly endearing to anyone who meets her, but what’s even more special is that she found an equally sweet man to marry when she met Dennis. These two have such a special story, from their love-at-first-sight meeting, to their promise to wait to marry until after they’d graduated from college (an achievement they both accomplished this past May). Their wedding day was one of sweet joy. The love that their family and friends have for them is a further testament as to what wonderful people they are. I felt so honored to document their first day as husband and wife.


This wedding was also my first to photograph at the Kirk House Gardens and Home, located in Axis, Alabama. Despite the chilly fall weather, Taylar and Dennis, who fell in love with the property when they first toured it, were totally game for using up every ounce of golden hour light for their “Just Married” bride and groom portraits. It was a total dream! Taylar was so stunning in her gorgeous gown and Dennis so dapper in his suit, that I could not have taken a bad photo of these two if I tried. They looked like fashion models that stepped out of a magazine!


Taylar and Dennis, you both have the most beautiful hearts and I am so thankful to have worked with you both on your special day! May God bless you both and your marriage! Thank you for being amazing!


Vendor Credit

Blog post and photos by associate photographer, Elizabeth.
Ceremony & Reception: Kirk House & Gardens
Wedding Planner: Heidi Collier Cook
Cake: Middle Bay Cake House
Bride’s Dress: Essense of Australia from I Do Bridal & Formal


The opportunity to work with Taylor and Dennis as their wedding photographers was such an amazing experience. If you would like to book an engagement session or wedding, or have any questions, please click here to send me a message!




  1. Janice Marie says:

    This is beautiful. Congrats you guys!

  2. Donald says:

    Hate I missed the wedding you two, but this was a beautiful day. Congratulations!

  3. Jonny Ingram says:

    Beautiful. Wish you guys nothing but love and keep God first!

  4. Sarah Hicks says:

    Such a beautiful couple! Inside and out! Congratulations you guys!! Nice photos:)

  5. Joshua says:

    You were a stunning bride Taylar. congrats

  6. Jasmine Hurst says:

    absolutely stunning couple. Pictures are perfect.

  7. Amy Moody says:

    Very photogenic. You were a beautiful bride Taylar!

  8. Bria Royster says:

    So much love was filled on your wedding day. I am so happy I was able to be apart of this joyous occasion.

  9. Tim Hunt says:

    Very beautiful guys!

  10. Alicia Woods says:


  11. Alicia Woods says:

    beautiful couple guys. Dennis you found a beautiful bride.

  12. June Bradley says:

    congratulations guys. Even though I am late posting!

  13. Camerin Owens says:

    such a sweet an amazing couple! You guys take care of one another and never go to bed mad at one another.

  14. Loren Mathews says:

    how sweet are these photos. Gorgeous wedding day

  15. Monae Dean says:

    Dennis take care of your bride. Congratulations you two.

  16. Kathy Lambert says:

    Awwww!! You guys looked so happy !
    True love.

  17. Pastor Hires says:

    Very handsome groom and an even more beautiful bride. Congratulations you two. Keep God first in your marriage.

  18. Erin salter says:

    Gorgeous Day for a wonderful couple! ☺️😊

  19. Kim says:

    Beautiful wedding Taylar. Congratulations on getting married! 😘

  20. Ann Houston says:

    Awwww! Congratulations hun! You were stunning

  21. Taylor Burns says:

    This is so beautiful Taylor and Dennis. Congratulations

  22. Drake Matthews says:

    Congrats Ms. McMillian. Nice photos

  23. Gail Touchton says:

    The most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Dennis you were very handsome and sharp. May God bless you both! Always keep Him first.

  24. Jerry says:

    Even though your wedding day rained and it was cold. When the bride walked down the aisle the climate didn’t matter. You were so stunning and everyone was amazed. That is the moment every bride hopes and dreams about and you accomplished that. You were the center of attention and all you could focus on was your handsome prince. Congratulations the two of you. You guys make a wonderful couple. Continue to persevere in life!

  25. Tonya Kingston says:

    Keep God first and Cherish eachother for a lifetime. Congratulations guys.

  26. Jenny Austin says:

    Congratulations you two! Taylar was a gorgeous bride! So breathtakingly gorgeous.

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