Meet Mary and John Aaron!! They are a new JTP couple, and I recently photographed their engagement session at the golf course property behind my house! I was able to drive them around in my golf cart~which is becoming one of my favorite things to do, ha!!!😜 They were both so sweet to work with, and they were willing to do whatever I asked! They were truly great sports, and we were able to get some really good photos!! The weather was so pretty on this day, making the lighting beautiful, and I am always a happy camper when the weather cooperates!!πŸ‘ John Aaron actually has family that lives in my neighborhood, and he said he remembered playing on the same golf course and looking for golf balls when he was little. It was fun that he remembered that special memory!!

We will be shooting their wedding photos next spring, and I loved that they booked so far in advance!! Photographers and vendors are usually the first to fill up their schedules, so it’s always a good thing when couples schedule a year out in advance!! I’m really looking forward to their big day!!

Mary and John Aaron, I’m super excited for your future together!! Enjoy your engagement, and I’ll see you again soon!!




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