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Chelsea & Matt {Gulfport, MS Photographer}

To say I’m behind on blogging… is just a little understatement. October & November are by far the busiest months of the year for me. December is starting to slow down a tad, and I promise to get back to posting regularly. =) This post is a 1 year anniversary session with Chelsea & Matt. They drove over from McComb, MS, and they met me in Gulfport, MS for their shoot. I loved getting to meet them! Matt works in church ministry, and Chelsea owns a bridal boutique. They have a lot in common with me and Andrew. I appreciate ya’ll for asking me to do your photos!! Congratulations on being married for one year!

*** As a thank you if this blog post receives 25+ comments then this couple will receive a special gift from me.***

Chelsea & Matt {1 year anniversary Gulfport, MS photo shoot}_0013





  1. Marion Cutrer says:

    i think these pictures are gorgeous I love them

  2. Maggie Jackson says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures and beautiful couple!

  3. leslie smith says:

    Love the pictures you too are so cute..

  4. paula Alford says:

    Great pics of a precious couple!!!

  5. Natasha Huhn says:

    Love!!! Beautiful and sweet!!

  6. Katelyn Teasley says:

    Such a sweet and caring couple! Beautiful pictures!

  7. darcy blanchette says:

    absolutely beautiful pictures of a wonderful couple

  8. Chelsea Strakna says:

    Love love love!!! Thank you so much!!!

  9. Danielle Farnum says:

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple!

  10. Ashley Renee Miller says:

    What beautiful pictures for such a sweet couple!!

  11. Jessica Maynard says:

    Beautiful pictures of my baby brother and his gorgeous wife 🙂

  12. Lindsey McCaskill Wool says:

    So sweet!

  13. Hannah Riddle says:

    This pictures are so beautiful!

  14. Leslie Smith says:

    Love them !! You Both are too cute..

  15. Amanda Nations says:

    Love these pictures! Yall look great!

  16. Felicia Young Chapman says:

    So cute! <3

  17. Brittany Tabor Dilmore says:

    I love them they are so cute

  18. Jennifer Brewer Barnett says:

    Cutest couple EVER!!!

  19. Nicole Colvin Gillies says:

    Beautiful pics!

  20. Juanita Ashley says:

    I just love the sceneary in your pictures of these two–beautiful couple and look so in love!!!!

  21. Rachel Jackson says:

    Beautiful pictures of a cutest couple EVER

  22. Melissa Huffman says:

    Beautiful!! Lovely couple and beautiful scenery. Love the editing, not over done. Wonderful photographer

  23. Gabrielle Rabon says:

    so pretty!

  24. Jenna Alford Magee says:

    Great pictures!!!!

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