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Bragg Mitchell Mansion Wedding Mobile | Loryn & Hart

I loved hearing about Loryn and Hart’s wedding from my associate photographer, Elizabeth. The pictures she captured from their wedding are incredible!

“When it rains on a wedding day, there isn’t anything you can do to stop it, so you might as well embrace it as much as possible. That is exactly what Loryn and Hart did. These two, who have been together since they were teenagers, never once seemed anxious about the whether. They cheerfully dashed outside when I saw a break in the rain for portraits and never once let the rain put a damper on their celebration.

 About Loryn and Hart’s Wedding

During the ceremony, a major thunderstorm rolled in and I knew there was no way that we were going to be able to get outdoor portraits with that much thunder and lightening going on outside. When I told Loryn and Hart we would have to go with Plan B and do our post ceremony portraits indoors, they didn’t bat an eye. As they signed their marriage certificate, Hart’s groomsmen were quick to pitch in and help me move chairs in the parish hall to create space for doing bridal party and family portraits, since the church was still full of guests waiting on the weather to clear up.

Later, as we finished up with bride and groom portraits inside the church, I noticed that it appeared to have stopped raining, so we dashed outside to get in as many portraits as possible in front of the church. Miraculously, the rain held off just long enough for us to get outdoor portraits in a few different spots in front of the church, which is special to both Loryn and Hart’s families.

There were many beautiful moments throughout this wedding day, but my favorite moment was during the reception. Earlier in the day, the decision had been made to move the reception indoors at The Bragg Mitchell Mansion. Loryn, Hart and their guests were dancing the night away inside, when my second shooter, Laura Rowe, pointed out a few guests taking photos on the front porch. I immediately knew we HAD to go out on that porch for some portraits! I have to give a HUGE shout out to Loryn’s bridesmaids who posed for some test shots while we got our lighting set AND convinced Loryn and Hart to leave the dance floor for a few minutes for some bonus bride and groom portraits. It was totally worth it and I’m so glad that they didn’t think I was crazy for pulling them out of the reception for these rain portraits! As Lynn at The Bragg said, “Rain or shine, it’s always a beautiful wedding at The Bragg!” We simply could not agree more!!!

The rain that poured from the skies earlier in the evening was barely a drizzle by the time Loryn and Hart made their grand exit. As they pulled away from The Bragg, their guests shouted out to Hart, telling him to let the top down on the convertible. When he finally did, everyone, including Loryn, cheered!!! It was such a perfectly imperfect day and Loryn and Hart embraced every moment!”


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Photos by Associate Photographer: Elizabeth

Second Shooter: Laura Rowe Photography

Ceremony: Trinity Episcopal Church, Mobile

Reception: Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

Florist: Elizabeth’s Garden

Bride’s & Bridesmaids Dresses: I Do Bridal & Formal





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