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Amanda & Christopher ~ The Venue ~ Fairhope, Alabama Wedding Photographer

Photos by Associate Photographer, Elizabeth

Ceremony & Reception, The Venue  //  Cake, Pollman’s Bake Shop  //  Musician, Neil Dover  //  Wedding Dress, David’s Bridal  //  Men’s Tuxes, Francia’s Formal Affair




  1. Dillon Montgomery says:


  2. Audra Smith says:

    I love these so much!!! It was such a gorgeous day and it was captured so beautifully! Love this sweet couple!

  3. Maygan says:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful people!

  4. Matt says:

    Awesome wedding. Awesome pictures. Photographic perfection. Well done.

  5. Victoria says:


  6. Jesi Wilcox says:

    You did a wonderful job capturing their day!

  7. Linette Rumsey Hoppe says:

    What beautiful pictures!!! Beautiful couple!

  8. Mallory Fisher Montgomery says:

    These are perfect!

  9. Sara Stroups says:

    The pictures are perfect! Beautiful job!

  10. Garrett Smith says:

    Awesome pictures of awesome people

  11. Alex Layton says:

    These turned out great!

  12. Maygan Keith Rider says:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful people!

  13. Blake Lewis says:

    Awesome pictures! Y’all look Great

  14. Kristy Campbell says:

    These pictures captured every moment, every angle, every light, and the love shows through the pictures. Very well done. Pictures to cherish.

  15. Amy Dyess Shoub says:


  16. Crystal Rivers Curry says:

    Great photography of a beautiful couples’ Love Story ❤️

  17. Hannah Moody says:

    Love all these photos!!

  18. Brooklyn Lewis Harrell says:

    Absolutely love the pictures! They beautifully capture such an amazing couple and awesome wedding!

  19. Samantha Dale Bailey says:

    A beautiful wedding for an even more beautiful couple! These two people have a relationship everyone should look up to! These photos capture the true love and happiness that Amanda and Chris share for one another! <3

  20. Sherry Burckhartt says:

    Such a Beauiful Wedding! The evening was perfect for this sweet couple! The pictures speak volumes of Love and Happiness.

  21. Vickie Gill Cruse says:

    AbsolutelY beautiful couple in the perfect Venue. Photographer did an amazing job capturing those special moments!

  22. Felicia Hancock says:

    Beautiful couple. Photos are amazing.

  23. Shanka Robertson says:

    beautiful couple! wish I could have been there! everything looked lovely!

  24. Mom says:

    Love the couple,love the pictures, cherish the special day.
    It was beautiful.

  25. Andrea Strawbridge says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful pictures ❤️

  26. Devin Keith Franklin says:

    Beautiful wedding!!

  27. Darlene Turk Mingus says:

    Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding

  28. Tiffany Johnson says:

    Beautiful photos! They truly captured the love felt at this wedding.

  29. Denise Nicholas Boggan says:

    These are some really awesome pictures of a beautiful couple. Great job with the photography!!

  30. Savannah says:

    Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding! Pictures are great!

  31. Star says:

    Enlihgtening the world, one helpful article at a time.

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