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Perdido Key, Florida, Wedding Photographer – Hannah + Matt

Hannah and Matt had an intimate wedding ceremony at a beach house in Perdido Key, Florida. There are so many things I loved about this wedding, that it’s hard to even know where to start! 😍 The beach house was right on the water and it was the most perfect place to have a small wedding with just family and friends.

I loved that right off the bat, the family talked so much about Jesus and how important He was to their family. They were unashamed of their faith and weren’t afraid to talk about it. Hannah and Matt wanted a wedding that was Christ-honoring and wanted to put Jesus first.

Hannah and Matt asked their little nieces and nephews to play a part in the wedding and they were absolutely adorable. I loved that even though it was a small wedding, they still incorporated family so much into their wedding day. Family was a huge priority for Hannah and she was able to include them in her day in multiple ways.

If all of my venues could have these clean, white walls, I would be in Heaven. It was the perfect place to get ready for the wedding and gave such a beautiful backdrop for all of Hannah’s getting-ready pictures. I mean just look how beautiful she looks. 😍 These portraits were absolutely stunning and will never go out of style with this neutral, classic esthetic.

Although Hannah did not do a first look with Matt, she did do a first look with her mom and dad. Cue the tears! I always love seeing the parent’s faces when they see their daughter before the ceremony. I get to capture the purest, unadulterated form of love in the world as they say goodbye to one chapter and hello to another.

Did I mention that Hannah is a twin? Fun fact: There are two sets of twins in Hannah’s family and I just think that is the coolest thing. I always wanted to have twins, but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for me. πŸ˜‚ These pictures of them are drop. dead. gorgeous.

Normally, shooting on the water can be difficult, especially in mid-day. The light can be semi-harsh with a lack of shade. Thankfully, we had the most perfect tree to shoot under and the weather could not have been more beautiful the ENTIRE day. The tree gave the prettiest glow and plenty of shade to get all of these stunning images. Plus the wind was doing all sorts of favors for her in these veil shots. 😍

Hannah and Matt read letters to each other before the ceremony and it was a sweet, intimate moment between just the two of them that set the tone for the rest of the day. Hearing how they feel about each other pre-vows, only made the ceremony that much more exciting and special.

The two things that stick with me from this wedding is how Christ was the center of everything which was represented by the cross behind Hannah and Matt during the ceremony. As she came down the stairs with her dad, she walked straight to Matt where they dedicated their marriage to Christ. The second thing was the sunset which I’ll talk about in just a second because it needs its own paragraph. 😍

Hannah and Matt were going to have a destination wedding, but after Covid happened, they decided to have this smaller beach wedding closer to home and I’m so glad they did. It was the perfect day from start to finish, and I was honored to be a part of it.

The reception was poolside, complete with beautiful palm trees, the most amazing cake, and hands down the best fish tacos I have ever eaten from the coolest food truck. Seriously, they really were the best. What a good idea right? I loved Hannah and Matt’s cake because of this watercolor feature with scripted font of their new last name. It was so unique and one of a kind that I know they will remember forever.

The bride and groom were literally models. Not kidding. Every single photo they took together was breathtaking and what made it even better was the most beautiful sunset I have ever personally shot on camera. It was like God was totally showing off just for them. Hannah’s favorite color is pink and she even mentioned that God made that sunset pink just for her. I got a few shots of them with their reflection shining on the pool, and the dynamic colors of the sky illuminating behind them were out of this world.

Hannah and Matt were just the most laid-back couple, totally at ease and relaxed on their wedding day. It’s how every wedding should be. I absolutely loved working with the two of them and wish them the utmost happiness in their marriage.

Lead Photographer: Jennie Tewell
Second Shooter: Adrienne Scott
Cakes: Underground Custom Cakes
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Jenny You
Brian and Nick: Rings
Catering: Tin-tin’s Rock and Roll Food Truck
Makeup: Gloss and Glow Beauty Company
Band: Rado and Brantley




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