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Mobile, Alabama Engagement Photographer – Springhill College – Lacey + Wallace

Lacey and Wallace’s engagement session is finished and I’m ecstatic to share these with y’all. We had to re-schedule their original session because of the rain. If you’re from the Mobile area, you can probably understand what I’m talking about. It just means that engagement and wedding photography can present weather obstacles, but hey, I’ve always loved a good challenge. 😜 I’m so glad we were able to find another time for Lacey and Wallace because the weather during their session totally made up for the cancellation.

We were able to shoot on the golf course first which is always gorgeous this time of day. After the golf course, we had a quick outfit change, which I love, and headed over to Avenue of the Oaks for some classic, yet never overstated oak trees. These trees are my favorite and are so unique to the Gulf Coast. I love that Mobile has its own esthetically pleasing, old-world vibe and I consider myself blessed to be an engagement photographer in the South. Can I get an amen? 👏🏼

Lacey is hilarious! Her laugh is so cute and endearing. She has such a fun and quirky personality and honestly, she just brings joy and a laugh to all those around her. It’s always an unexpected surprise when I have a bride this fun and joyful. Wallace is just along for the ride and I love it.

Lacey’s ring is a stunner. Just look at this diamond and how it glows next to these flowers. I’m not giving to lie, I may have drooled on my camera. It fits Lacey perfectly and there couldn’t have been a better choice for her.

Lacey and Wallace will be getting married in May at Sacred Heart Chapel in Fairhope, Alabama so stick around to see more of these two cuties. Fairhope in May is more gorgeous than ever, so this wedding is sure to be the perfect combination of Spring and Summer. Now let’s just pray for that good weather to follow us all the way to their big day. If it’s anything like the weather on the day of their engagement session, then I can only imagine how their wedding photos will turn out.

When everyone else has something to complain about, be that bright light that shines wherever you go. Be the one that looks for joy in every situation. It won’t always be easy, but you will always find what you look for. Joy is inner peace that flows from you for everyone around you to see. It doesn’t mean life is perfect-it just means that you have decided to find the beauty in the every day. Joy is being your goofy self no matter who is watching. Joy is the realization that life is short, and love is everlasting.




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