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Grand Hotel Engagement Session in Point Clear, Alabama | Courtney + Jacob

This engagement session at The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama with Courtney and Jacob is giving me all of the feels. 😍

I can not even get over how everything came together so perfectly. First off Courtney and Jacob are so photogenic, and make such a beautiful couple… pair that with the background of The Grand Hotel + AH-MAZING golden light, and it’s a match made in Heaven.

Courtney and Jacob are getting married next month… actually they are getting married on mine and Andrew’s anniversary date – December 5. It’s a good date!! They are getting married in Atlanta, and I’m just so excited for them.

Courtney and Jacob, I had a blast with you both. I had the best time exploring the Grand Hotel with you and taking photos in all of the beautiful locations the Grand has to offer. I’m going to be obsessing with these for a while. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Check out some of my other engagement sessions here! Also, if you have never been to the Grand Hotel, I highly suggest it. It’s mine and Andrew’s favorite place to get away to!




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