Elyse and Thomas’s love story is one of those that they could make a movie about. They met in high school after Thomas moved back to Mobile with his family. They were friends before they started dating and their relationship stood the test of a long-distance relationship during their college years, which is no easy feat for any couple, but even more challenging when one attended Auburn and the other attended Alabama. When Thomas moved to Alaska for his job, the distance increased even more, but these two clearly did not let being miles apart stand in their way. I love that they went to senior prom together and have stayed a couple all these years since!
I was so glad that Thomas was in town early enough before the wedding so that we could do an engagement session ahead of their big day! We did their session at Spring Hill College and could not have had better weather for shooting. The light was absolutely perfect that evening! A total dream! Elyse and Thomas are so easy going and were totally game for all my ideas and we definitely used up every single ounce of that dreamy light before we headed back to our cars to leave.
We will be sharing some of our favorites from Elyse and Thomas’s wedding, which I photographed shortly after their engagement session, very soon! 🙂
Blog Post and Photos by Associate Photographer, Elizabeth





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