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Elopement in downtown Mobile, Alabama – Jennyfer + Raly

Downtown Mobile, Alabama Elopement

It was such an honor to be a part of my dear friend Jennyfer’s elopement to her groom, Raly. Jennyfer was actually in the youth group when Andrew and I were youth leaders years ago. It makes me so happy to have seen her grow up and find the love of her life. She is also a fellow photog friend so it makes me feel so special to have been asked to commemorate their special day.

Mobile, Alabama Elopement

Jennyfer and Raly exchanged vows with a few family members and friends at Washington Square in downtown Mobile, Alabama. It was a quiet, intimate ceremony and it really just showcased what is most important, and that is the love that two people share for one another.

Jennyfer’s three children were there to see their mom so happy which made it all the more special. They were so giddy and absolutely adore Raly. ❤️

We headed over to Cornerstone Gardens and got these beautiful shots of just the two of them and a few with family and friends. They were absolutely so photogenic and just an overall joy to photograph. They were happy, fun, in love-all the things a wedding photographer loves to capture. 😍

The trees at Washington Square were extra heavenly during our time there and the weather was completely perfect for the occasion. All the Spring colors and flowers are just my favorite this time of year. It totally helps that the bride and groom were so much fun to take pictures of. They even got a few fun shots which I always love because it shows each person’s individuality and personality.

Whether your wedding day is a church packed full of people, a beach wedding with just family or friends, or an elopement with just the bride and groom, what matters the most is that moment that the vows are exchanged and promises made. That is when your life changes forever. I’m sure any couple would agree, at the end of the day, the best part of their wedding day was becoming one. No matter where you are, together in each other’s arms- is always the best place to be. ❤️


Washington Square is one of my favorite parks in Mobile! See more of our work done there by clicking here!




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