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Caroline’s Bridal Session

Bridal sessions are so much fun, and we highly recommend them for a few reasons…

  1. They give you the opportunity to do a trial run on your hair and makeup. It allows you to see yourself fully put together before the wedding day. It also insures that your dress fits the way you want it to. If you need to make changes to anything it is better to know those things before your wedding day!
  2. It helps you get to know your photographer better. On wedding day, you will already be comfortable in front of the camera! You will be a natural!
  3. You can take pictures at a different venue, or the same venue you are getting married at. Regardless, you will have much more variety in your photos.
  4. You won’t be as rushed on wedding day to take as many bridal portraits. Yes! We will still take bridal portraits on your wedding day, but we won’t need to get as many.
  5. You can use the pictures as gifts! They make the perfect gifts for parents, grandparents, and even the groom!
  6. You can use a picture to display at your reception.

These are just a few of the reasons we love doing bridal sessions! The biggest thing we dislike about them is having to wait to share them until after the wedding. 🤣

Caroline’s bridal images were AMAZING, and we have been so eager to share them!

Photos taken by associate photographer, Brianna at the Bragg Mitchell Mansion.




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