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Capturing the Spirit of Beach Brawl: When Passion for Photography and CrossFit Collide

So, Andrew and I had an awesome time doing something a bit different a few weeks ago. We headed over to Pensacola, Florida, for Beach Brawl, a must-experience CrossFit competition that happens twice a year. Now, this was my first time attending, and I couldn’t resist bringing my camera along to take some photos of the event as well as some people who were competing from our box.

You might be wondering, “Why a CrossFit event?” The answer is simple: it’s the community. Andrew and I may still be working on our fitness goals, but it’s been an awesome journey so far. The atmosphere at the CrossFit competition was electric, making it so much fun to be a part of. Being a part of this community has been life-giving. It has helped us reach goals we never thought were possible. The support, coaching, and accountability were just what we needed. Being at Beach Brawl and witnessing these amazing athletes was fun to be a part of, and if you’re interested to learn more about fitness certification, it might be a great next step in your fitness journey. I just had to document the experience and share it with those looking to take their passion for fitness to the next level.

The Action Up Close

Trust me, the action did not disappoint. From athletes doing intricate handstand walks to killer box jumps and rope climbs, every moment was a testament to what the human body can achieve with training and determination.

I absolutely loved capturing these moments. And you know what? It might be something I want to do more of. While weddings and commercial photography are usually my jam, capturing a CrossFit competition felt like the perfect blend of work and play. It’s not every day that my professional life aligns so seamlessly with what I enjoy doing for fun, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

And that’s a wrap, my friends! Until next time, keep pushing your limits and crushing those goals.





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