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Cara + Landrum

Cara and Landrum are so sweet. They are the kind of people that after you are with them, they make you feel a part of their close circle of friends and family.

Their wedding was in Gilbertown, Alabama, and it was in the middle of nowhere. You don’t get cell service, and there was only one red light in the town. Everybody we crossed paths were some of the most hospitable people. They made you feel at home and greeted you with a smile. All with the sweetest accents I have ever heard. I’m from the South, born and raised, but I have always lived in the city, so my accent isn’t strong… and I’m not sure if I even have one at all. 😭

Cara and Landrum got married in the church Cara’s grandfather started. I thought it was so sweet that he was able to have a part in the ceremony. One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was when he prayed over them at the end. It reminded me of my wedding 10 years ago. My Popa prayed over Andrew and me, and I still cherish that memory!

Their church just finished up their event space, and Cara and Landrum’s wedding was the first wedding there. The mission team did all of the catering. It was delicious! It was great to see everyone come together to pull off such a beautiful day.

Cara and Landrum, I wish you years of happiness! Thanks for asking me to be a part of your wedding!

Lead Photographer: Jennie Tewell // Second Shooter: Jennyfer Martinez // Ceremony + Reception Location: Heritage Church of God




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