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A Love-Filled Day: Taylor and Williams’ Unforgettable Wedding in Mobile, Alabama at the Bragg Mitchell Mansion

I’m super excited to share this heartwarming story with you all. I got to be a part of something truly special – Taylor and Williams’ amazing Mobile, Alabama wedding at the historic Bragg Mitchell Mansion. Get ready to hear all about it – the love, the laughter, and the good times, all in the heart of Mobile!

Getting Ready: The Battlehouse Downtown Mobile

The day started with everyone getting ready for the big moment. The air was buzzing with excitement as Taylor and William, and their crew prepared at the Battlehouse downtown in Mobile. Anticipation filled the room as they got dressed for the big day, Taylor had a first look reveal with her bridesmaids and dad, and both of these were such precious moments to capture, and remember for the years to come, and when the time pass, the use of a 14th wedding anniversary gift can be great as well.

The Bragg Mitchell Mansion: A Stunning Backdrop

We made our way to the stunning Bragg Mitchell Mansion for some pre-ceremony photos. The beauty of this historic spot in Mobile added an extra layer of charm to the day. We were able to do a first look with Taylor and William, and this was such a special moment between the two of them.

Ceremony: Love Takes Center Stage

The Ashland Place United Methodist was the chosen spot for the ceremony. I always love weddings at Ashland Place. The church is so charming and has so many olf world architectural features that make me feel like I’m somewhere in Europe.

The Happy Couple: Just Married and Loving It

But hold on, here comes the golden-hour magic. As the sun began to set, we were able to capture some “just married” photos of Taylor and William shortly after the ceremony. These pictures turned out to be some of the highlights of the day, capturing their love against the backdrop of Ashland Place.

Reception: Where Dreams Come True

And then came the reception, held at none other than The Bragg Mitchell Mansion itself. The historic charm of this Mobile gem added a touch of elegance to the celebration. One of my favorite things about the day was that the blue hydrangeas were in full bloom at the Bragg Mitchell Mansion. As many times as I have worked there, I have never had hydrangeas in bloom before. It was meant to be just for Taylor and William!

Shoutout to Taylor and Williams for letting me be part of their special day in Mobile, Alabama. Capturing their love story at the Bragg Mitchell Mansion was an honor. You two are an amazing team, and I’m sending you all the best wishes for your journey ahead.

And a big thank you to everyone who made this day incredible—the families, friends, and all the amazing vendors.

So, there you have it—a tale of love, laughter, and some truly magical moments in the heart of Mobile. Until next time, keep those good vibes flowing and make memories that’ll warm your heart. Cheers to Taylor and William, cheers to the Bragg Mitchell Mansion, and a big cheer to all of you for taking the time to read this blog post! 🥂💕


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