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Sarah & Chris ~ Mobile, Alabama Wedding Photographer

Wedding Coordinator, Flowers, and Decor –  Emma Mitchell (Bride’s Mom)  //  Cakes – Taylor Made Bakery




  1. Angie says:

    Beautiful pictures of Sarah and Chris!

  2. Caitlin Riley says:

    Love these pictures! So cute!

  3. Emma Mitchell says:

    Chris and Sarah’s wedding was an absolute joy! Jennie captured their day perfectly! A million thank you’s for such a job well done! Blessed beyond measure! Emma Mitchell

  4. Robert Howell Mitchell says:

    These pictures are great!

  5. Emma Estelle Gray says:

    I love these! Jennie did such a great job!!! It was a beautiful day!

  6. Hayden Gray says:


  7. Absolutely stunning. You captured the emotion and overwhelming joy of the day in all of its glory!

  8. Emily says:

    So absolutely perfect!!! Love them so much!!????

  9. Taylor Jemison says:

    Love these

  10. Sabrina says:

    Captured the day beautifully!

  11. Beautiful couple

  12. Tammy Averett says:

    Beautiful pictures of a God filled day. Thank you for capturing all the tender moments of the day. Tammy

  13. Diane Huff Pitts: Life Matters says:

    The words “luscious,” “sparkling,” and “exquisite” do not describe these photos well enough. What a talent to capture surprise and tenderness on Chris’s face and the simple unposed beauty on Sarah’s face. Lovely job.

  14. William E. Mitchell says:

    Had so much fun! These pictures will be a great memory

  15. Sarah Elizabeth Farmer says:

    I love them! You did an amazing job capturing their wedding day

  16. Emiley Cooley says:

    These pics are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  17. Deborah Manning says:

    How beautiful!!! Got to enjoy this lovely day all over again. Gorgeous bride!!!

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