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I’m Brianna - dog mom to Sundance + Cooper, Starbucks lover, and associate photographer for Jennie Tewell Photography for the past couple of years!

I’m married to my best friend, Trent, who works as a police officer in our local community. I have a masters degree in accounting, and I’ve been working hard to get my CPA in between photographing weddings.

One of my favorite things to photograph during a wedding is the candid moments. The moments that are unexpected, and unplanned. The whisper in the ear, kiss on the cheek, the tear streaming down the groom's face as he sees his bride walking down the aisle, or the flower girl staring up at the bride in awe. Those little moments are my favorite!

When I’m not photographing weddings and portrait sessions, I’m hanging with my sweet little Labs, chilling on my couch watching Netflix, and volunteering at my church! 

Hadley and Cole’s wedding was straight out of a fairytale. The light was perfect. When we get golden light during portrait time, it makes our photographer dreams come true! I love the colors Hadley chose. It was just right for a winter wedding color palette. Hadley and Cole were completely smitten with each other, and […]


Elizabeth and David’s wedding was full of detail and elegance. Elizabeth’s design choices were simple, yet so thought out. I love how she used Satsumas which are reflective of Fairhope. While her design choices might have been simple, they were nothing short of amazing. I love how everything came together, it was absolutely stunning. David’s […]


It’s Thanksgiving week, and that means one of two things. Either you have already decorated for Christmas, or you are holding out to decorate after Thanksgiving. I’m holding out for after Thanksgiving. I’m not completely opposed to decorating before. I have done so in previous years, but I feel like I need a good reason […]


Margaret and Spencer got married a little over a week ago, and I have loved going through all of their wedding photos. Brianna was their photographer, and she did a great job of capturing their wedding day. I love the different shades of blue that Margaret chose for her bridesmaids to wear. I love how […]


Taylor and Stuart got married last weekend at Heron Pointe in Orange Beach, Alabama. Their wedding was picture perfect and had so many elements that made it so unique. First off, can we talk about these bridesmaids dresses!? I have always wanted to photograph patterned bridesmaid dresses before. I love the way they look, and […]


Emily and Richard were married just over a week ago now, and I’m so excited to share these images of their beautiful wedding. They were married at Heron Pointe, in Orange Beach, and it was the perfect setting for their special day. MY FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT EMILY + RICHARD’S WEDDING I love their color palette! […]


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A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and we know it can be overwhelming! Grab our free guide to plan the perfect timeline for your day.