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Fairhope Wedding Photography ~ Anne + Bronson

Anne and Bronson were married at the Venue in downtown Fairhope, Alabama and it was the perfect Spring wedding. Brianna was the lead wedding photographer for their ceremony, and she said it was such a relaxed day which is exactly what Anne and Bronson were hoping for.

Anne’s inspiration for her fairy-tale wedding was a relaxed wedding she attended at a restaurant in Brooklyn. It was a great memory for her so it made me so happy that she was able to have that same vibe for her big day.

The bridal party got all dressed up for the day at The Grand Hotel and that’s also where the bride and groom did their first look. These first look pictures have me drooling with the Azaleas blooming in the background! That only happens once a year so it’s such a beautiful touch to these shots.

Anne and Bronson were so great about including a lot of time for pictures on their timeline. This is a huge plus for any photographer, not just because it gives more time for photos, but also less stress, more organization, and overall just a smoother more accessible way to give the couples the pictures they really want. The bridal party was even able to steal away for a few moments at a park in Fairhope for their pictures. These moments are so special and I’m so glad Brianna had the time to get some shots at this park.

Of course, I was ecstatic when I found out Anne and Bronson were including Baker and Case, their sweet pups, in their wedding day. I literally cannot with these pictures! Their little floral arrangements around their necks have me undone. 😍😍

Anne was truly stunning on her wedding day. Her dress is to die for, and every lace detail on the bodice of her gown was flawless. And-her veil. Guys, I’m obsessed with her long, flowy veil. They always make the BEST photos. I also love that she wore her hair down. Both her hair and her dress were so beautifully unique and not the typical style I see in a lot of my weddings, although every bride is beautiful, of course. 😍

All the decor for the ceremony and the reception were gorgeous. I love the height of the candles and the element they added to each table. Everything was beautifully thought out, and it turned out to be the perfect, wedding day for Anne and Bronson.

What makes a perfect wedding day? Is it the decor, the dress, a flawless bridal party, or just everything falling into place perfectly? In my experience, I can say usually not everything falls together perfectly. Usually, the bride and her wedding planner are working their fingers to the bone all the way up until the ceremony. 😜 But even with all the planning and organizing, sometimes things still don’t go according to plan. I’m so glad that doesn’t stop couples from going forward with the ceremony because it happens all the time.

A perfect wedding day to me is the glimmer of light in the bride and groom’s eyes when they see each other for the first time. It’s the tear running down the mother’s face when she sees her daughter or son pledge their life to their person. It’s the laughter during the dancing at the reception amongst family and life-long friends. It’s the first look with the bride and her dad. It’s the silly groomsmen making jokes before the ceremony. It’s the bride and groom coming together in perfect unity, committing the rest of their days to each other forever. To one person through sickness and health, for better or worse. The decor, food, and timeline are just added bonuses- not the main event. Don’t forget that love is the focal point of every wedding. Each ceremony comes and goes, but you really only remember these perfectly imperfect moments.

Lead Photographer: Brianna Hemphill
Second Photographer: Jaimie Woodruff
Florist: The Shade Tree
Reception Location: The Venue
Hair and Makeup: Grand Hotel Spa
Bride’s Dress: Emmy Mae Bridal




  1. Brittany Jennings says:

    These are so beautiful!

  2. Azra says:

    The most beautiful wedding! These are gorgeous pictures!

  3. Anne Wessinger says:

    Thank you so much Jennie and Brianna! These are everything I could have ever dreamed of and I can’t wait to have them for all the years to come!

  4. Maggie Greenleaf says:

    Beautiful captures of such a beautiful day!!

  5. Marianne says:

    What a gorgeous bride and a perfect day!! These pictures are amazing and something you will have forever!

  6. Kaleigh Sabin says:

    These pictures are amazing!! Such a beautiful day!! We love Anne and Bronson!!!

  7. Brittany Petry says:

    I’m blown away, these photos are absolutely stunning!

  8. Amira A. says:

    So beautiful! Anne was a stunning bride. Baker and Case are everything!!

  9. Meggie Gradel says:

    The most beautiful couple! And pups!

  10. Caitlin Crowley says:

    Love these beautiful pictures of our sweet friends!

  11. Jasmine G says:

    Wowwie! Gorgeous bride! Great pictures! Love!

  12. Georgie says:

    These are truly stunning💕 Anne you are such a STUNNING BRIDE

  13. Donna Ware says:

    Amazing photos that truly captured the day. Thank you!

  14. Donna glover says:

    Beautiful photos, beautiful wedding

  15. Erica Wigdor Aiple says:

    Such beautiful photos of a truly gorgeous couple.

  16. Carol Furman says:

    These pictures absolutely capture the mood of the day before and after. The setting for the outdoor photos couldn’t have been better. Excellent job by the photographer!

  17. Judith Collins says:

    gorgeous gorgeous photos. Wow

  18. Clotilde Smith says:

    Great photos

  19. brandy calonje says:


  20. Theresa Shankland says:

    Beautiful pictures capturing an even more beautiful couple!

  21. Robert Shankland says:

    Congrats Anne Marie!!! So happy for you and Bronson

  22. Nancy Nelson says:

    A beautiful collection of photos capturing a precious couple’s exquisite day.

  23. Gloria Barksddale says:

    A beautiful love story with pictures! Each frame comes to life with unique detail. Perfection!

  24. Lisa Austin says:

    Beautiful bride handsome groom great pics.

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