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Creating Memories to Last a Lifetime: An Extended Family Photography Session in Orange Beach, Alabama

When the Davis family reached out to me to document their extended family during their vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama, I was honored to have the opportunity to work with them. Despite the dreary weather, we were able to capture some beautiful images that I hope they will treasure for a lifetime.

The weather is always unpredictable, but whether it’s clouds or sunshine, we can create magic. We used the natural elements to our advantage and captured some stunning shots that truly reflect the beauty of Orange Beach. The family was able to relax and enjoy each other’s company while I captured candid moments of them laughing, playing, and simply enjoying the time together.

As a family photographer, one of my favorite things is watching families interact with each other. The Davis family was no exception, and I was able to capture the love and affection they have for each other. The photographs we created together will serve as a reminder of their special vacation and the memories they made together.

If you are on vacation in Orange Beach and are looking for a way to document your family’s time together, I would love to hear from you. Now is the perfect time to get some updated family photos. Send me a message and let’s get something scheduled.




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