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Cheree & Charles {Mobile, Alabama Rustic Engagement Session}

I love this session of Cheree & Charles! They are so sweet and and wonderful! I love couples who love pictures and make them a priority! And Cheree and Charles are one of those couples, so that makes my job easy! They are so naturally drawn to each other that all I had to do was sit back and soak it in and catch it all on camera. They smile and laugh together and I get to capture it! I love my job and I feel so privileged to be a part of such special times in a couple’s life! Thank you two for choosing me to be a part of your day and this exciting time! I am so thrilled that I get to work with you two! You guys are awesome! I can’t wait for your wedding in April!

*** As a thank you if this blog post receives 25+ comments then this couple will receive a special gift from me.***




  1. Kayla Oshea says:

    Sweet couple

  2. Sarah Stacey says:

    Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Hayli Casey says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Sweet couple 🙂

  4. Brandy Deas says:


  5. Brianna Tewell says:

    Love these, Jennie!

  6. Donita Ferguson says:

    Beautiful pictures of a GORGEOUS couple!

  7. Toni Ferguson says:

    Best pictures ever! Love them!

  8. Sharon Stagner Bakies says:

    They are such great pictures, better than professional models.

  9. Paige Boyce Triebwasser says:

    I’ve looked through these several times already! Can’t pick a favorite cause I love them all!! Precious!!

  10. Debbie Hester says:

    Toni,you must be so proud!!

  11. Joann Grogan says:

    Wonderful pictures!

  12. Onur Oztas says:

    E for effort! haha love you guys! bout to be fun next few months!

  13. Michelle Lyn Bentley-Jordan says:


  14. Tia Rivers Heath says:

    Awesome pictures

  15. Miranda Boykin Bosarge says:

    Such a sweet couple. Love love the pics!!!

  16. Linda W. Middleton says:

    Absolutely beautiful couple! Definitely love going on. Congratulations you two. Send me an invitation! I want to join in the happy union!

  17. Kim DeMent says:

    These are great pictures

  18. Scott Nelson says:

    Great pictures and a wonderful couple!

  19. Nathalie Hanson says:

    I love all of these!

  20. Linda Grose Powell says:

    Very nice! You two look so great together!

  21. Tammy Dewberry says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  22. Sonja Taylor says:

    so sweet proud of yall beautiful

  23. Jessica Valerio says:

    This pictures are beautiful great job

  24. Tonya Ferguson Saucer says:

    Love!!! Pics and these two sweet people!

  25. Tara Ferguson Deakle says:

    These are priceless!!!!!!!!

  26. Cheryl Mollitor says:

    You can just feel the love!!! Awesome pictures 🙂

  27. Maribeth says:

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  28. Bon dia ! hola em dic Albert i voldira una mica d’informació sobre el tema de anar-hi a menjar allà, busquem que tingui barbacoa.Nosaltres som un 8 – 10, adults tots entre 17 i 19 anys, anariem al dimarts 19 d’abril, voldira saber el preu, que inclou el preu i si l’horari.Moltes gracies per la seva atenció.

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